Select the right skin care product for the right skin problem

Make careful selection of the right skin care products before buying! Avoid products containing the wrong ingredients!

Often it is more dangerous to put certain skin care products, or topicals as they they are also called, on our skin than to eat them… Convinced by the glossy advertisements we trustfully buy skin care products and put them on our skin. Usually we buy the more expensive care products because we think they are better… Most of the time we do not know what ingredients are used to produce the skin care product you use since we completely trust the world of suppliers. Instructions for use and ingredient labels are hardly readable. Often we find that skin care products seal off our skin and preventing it to develop into healthy tissue. We achieve the opposite of what we intended to achieve. Toxins contained in certain skin care products are absorbed directly into your body and blood stream and stored in the body’s fat tissues, potentially developing into a cancer (coal tar as an example toxin) or a range of other medical problems. Careful selection of skin care products is particularly important when you have a disorder like psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema etc. and where you have to use your skin care product over an extended period of time. The conclusion can be that many  ingredients may hurt more than they heal. We want te help here by selecting products that are easily available, cost effective and, at minimum, can be used safely over a short period of time to obtain a form of control over your skin. Usually it is better anyway to change from one product to another after some time to ensure there is no resistance being formed by the disorder to the initial product.

We have reviewed and found the rights products for you…

Our objective is to help, assist, you in finding the right product to handle, control, any problems you may experience with your skin. We try to guide you to the use of safe and affordable, cost effective, products or medications. You can always contact us for advice and or recommendations as to how to treat your skin most effectively and safely. We are associated with Amazon. Amazon provides to us the widest selection of safe skin treatment products against the lowest price. We want you to benefit from this wide selection of safe and cost effective products at the lowest possible prices. Quite often people that are subject to particular skin disorders have to apply medications or specific skin treatment products over a longer period of time such as in the case of psoriasis. It is therefore extremely important that the products, medications, that you use are safe and basically, cheap. We have carefully selected a range of safe skin care products that you may choose from our web site given an easy to use product comparison tool.