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Year to date we received over 1.7 million visitors to our skin care web site
We kindly invite you also to list your company/products at Psorialess.Com. Your listing is free. On what you sell through your account with us you pay us only a flat rate of 5%. 95% of your turnover with us will be transferred to you on a weekly basis to your bank or other payment account. You ship your products directly to your clients. You invoice your clients through your account with us. You stay in control of your clients. In addition to your own selling efforts we also actively sell your products for you through our international network. Also on this part of your turnover you only pay us a flat rate of 5% of the sales we make for you. Nothing more. From your account you are free to publish articles or write ups about yourself, your company or organization.

Your sales efforts will be supported by a qualified team of skin care specialists. You can call upon our specialists anytime you want. You can call for the services of our specialists either in communication with you or request the specialist to communicate directly with your clients. This way you will sell more of your products.

We are specilized in the treatment of specific skin problems such as the dry skin, psoriatic skin, eczematic skin etc. We are looking for suppliers that can supply product within the below skin-product categories:

Go ahead and start selling you skin care products now, by opening your free store here.

Our objective is to help, assist, you in finding the right product to handle and control problems you may experience with your skin. We try to guide you to the use of safe and affordable, cost effective, products or equipment. You can always contact us for advice and or recommendations regarding natural safe skin care products. We want you to benefit from the wide selection of safe and cost effective products at the lowest possible prices that we hope to offer you. People that are subject to a particular skin disorder, such as in the case of psoriasis, have to apply medications or specific skin treatment products over a longer period of time. It is therefore extremely important that the products that you use are safe and available at low cost. We have carefully selected a range of safe skin care products that you may choose from. Our web site attempts to provide an easy to use product comparison tool.
When you are a vendor you are kindly invited to offer your products or services to our visitors by opening your personal, free, online shop here






logo_bioethique_smallmarketing cosmetics bioethiqueSell & Market your products through BioEthique

BioEthique is a French Company active in the development, manufacture, sales and marketing of skin care, beauty, health and fitness products. BioEthique offers international sales, marketing and distribution services to other companies or individuals that want to be active in the sales, marketing and distribution of skin, beauty care, health and fitness products on a worldwide basis. We can offer you international markets and an opportunity to introduce your products or services to an international audience.

In cooperation with BioEthique you can choose from the below sales, marketing and distribution alternatives:

Alternative 1. Retail

– You open a free shop at BioEthique, list your products, prices conditions at retail level and receive orders directly from buyers by email. You ship directly to your customers and receive payments instantly. You must be prepared to pack and ship single unit items or 6 or a dozen when you have a special offer of X number of units per order.

Alternative 2. Wholesale

– You open a free shop at, list your products, prices conditions at wholesale level and receive orders directly from buyers (private buyers, companies, distributors etc.) by email. You ship directly to your customers and receive payments instantly. You receive orders for larger quantities based on your wholesale pricing.

Alternative 3: Sales & Marketing of your products through BioEthique

– BioEthique, through its international network, will sell and market your products for you. WikiCare will place orders with you. You will ship (also retail type, one off per shipment) directly to the client. WikiCare will pay you. Contac us for further details.[col span=”1/1″]

Product lines of interest: skin care: rejuvenate, defend, restore, balance, enhance, diminish, meal replacement formulas, multivitamin supplements, weight loss products, ketone supplements, multivitamin formulas, digestive supplements, diet pills, protein powders, athletic supplements, daily health supplements, nutritional supplements, weight management solutions, skin care solutions, anti-aging supplements, cosmetic products, personal care solutions, herbal extract supplements, herbal teas, DXN Andro-G testosterone booster, DXN Cordyceps health supplement, health and wellness solutions, superfoods and botanicals


marketing-cosmetics-bioethique-franceBioEthiquE est une société française présente dans les domaines de la recherche cosmétique, de la fabrication,  de la vente et du marketing de soins pour la peau , de soins de beauté,  de produits pour la santé et  pour la mise en forme.

BioEthiquE  met ainsi à votre disposition son réseau international de commercialisation et de marketing pour vos produits cosmétiques.

Voici les différentes options que BioEthiquE  vous propose :

1/ La vente au détail
Ouvrez votre boutique virtuelle sur BioEthiquE .com, listez vos produits, vos conditions de vente en ligne et gérer vos commandes par mail. Vous pourrez ainsi vendre et être payé en ligne. Vous gérerez des livraisons à l’unité, par 6 ou par 12 unités en cas d’offres spéciales groupées.

2/ La vente en gros
Ouvrez votre boutique virtuelle à BioEthiquE .com, listez vos produits, vos conditions de vente en ligne et recevez directement les offres des acheteurs (acheteurs privés, entreprises ou distributeurs etc…) par mail. Vous gérerez librement les expéditions et les paiements en ligne . Vous gérerez de grosses livraisons fonction des prix de gros que vous aurez pratiqués.

3/ La vente par BioEthiquE
Grâce à son réseau international, BioEthiquE  prendra en charge la commercialisation de vos produits. Vous les livrerez et BioEthiquE  vous remboursera. BioEthiquE  mettra ainsi  à votre service  son réseau de vente international avec ses agents, et ses distributeurs.



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