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Can psoriasis, eczema be cured?

Can psoriasis, eczema be cured

Can my psoriasis condition be cured? Psoriasis, eczema and certain types of dermatitis can not be cured. You must therefore accept the fact that treating your skin disease will be a long term process that requires commitment and discipline. You can control psoriasis best by using a daily treatment rather just treating psoriasis flare-ups. Since you must treat psoriasis continuously over a lifetime, you should use safe medications that do not cause side effects – […]

Can topical steroid preparations cause allergic contact dermatitis?

contact dermatitis

Can topical steroid preparations cause allergic contact dermatitis? Yes! This has been acknowledged more and more in recent years and, it is one of the many causes for an unsatisfactory response to topical steroid therapy. Allergy to corticosteroids accounts for 4% of allergic contact dermatitis. Potential allergens in topical steroid preparations include: -Preservatives or stabilizer in the vehicle (e.g. parabens, lanolin, ethylene- diamine) -Anti-microbials (e.g. neomycin, clioquinol) -Steroid molecule itself (e.g. hydrocortisone, clobetasol) If you […]

How do I treat contact dermatitis?

dermatitis herpetiformis

How do I treat contact dermatitis? The treatment of contact dermatitis consists primarily of identifying the offending agent (the material causing the contact dermatitis) and avoid using it. Sometimes your doctor will prescribe a hydrocortisone-containing cream or slightly astringent wet dressing to help ease the itching. Mostly it is better to just stop using or applying the offending substance and let your body heal naturally. The best and safest way to control an occurring contact […]

How could I suddenly have dermatitis?

allergic contact dermatitis

How could I suddenly have dermatitis? In allergic contact dermatitis, the allergen may be something that you have used for years without any problems. Even mild chemicals such as hexachlorophene in soap and acetone in nail polish remover can produce contact dermatitis if used repeatedly and over longer periods of time. This may also be the case with certain topical ointments containing coal tar or steroids which you may have used over longer periods of […]

How is dermatitis diagnosed?


How is dermatitis diagnosed? Your dermatologist may suspect that your skin problem is the result of a contact sensitivity. Then, he or she may test your skin by applying small amounts of different substances to your skin, apply an adhesive covering and examine the site say 48 hours later. This is called patch testing. If your skin responds to one or more of these substances, the problem is known as allergic contact dermatitis. Relatively few […]

What is dermatitis?


What is dermatitis? When the skin becomes irritated and inflamed, the resulting condition is called dermatitis. The expression dermatitis, which is often used interchangeably with eczema, simply means an inflammation of the skin. Some common types of dermatitis are:  lichen simplex chronicus (neuro-dermatitis), Atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, stasis dermatitis, Seborrheic dermatitis, nummular Dermatitis and perioral Dermatitis. Contact dermatitis is the result of contact with a substance to which one is allergic. For example, exposure to […]