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Psoriasis and Eczema Authority Links

Psoriasis and Eczema Authority Links Acute psoriasiss Rate this post

Foods & Eczema

What foods can have a positive influence on eczema (and vitiligo)? Eat plenty of: Legumes, brown rice, wheat germ and other foods high in vitamin B6. Avoid: Foods that trigger or worsen eczema, spicy foods, alcohol, smoking etc. External causes such as wearing wool clothing next to the skin Eczema is an itchy, scaly rash often caused by sensitivity to foods, chemicals, and other triggers. The rash of eczema (also called atopic dermatitis) is not […]

Can psoriasis, eczema be cured?

Can psoriasis, eczema be cured

Can my psoriasis condition be cured? Psoriasis, eczema and certain types of dermatitis can not be cured. You must therefore accept the fact that treating your skin disease will be a long term process that requires commitment and discipline. You can control psoriasis best by using a daily treatment rather just treating psoriasis flare-ups. Since you must treat psoriasis continuously over a lifetime, you should use safe medications that do not cause side effects – […]

Why does my mild steroid based cream make my skin feel tight?

Why does my mild steroid based cream make my skin feel tight? Yes, I can believe that. The product is probably made by people who don’t know anything about psoriasis. Creams just do not work well for a psoriasis patient. It is surprising though that most anti-psoriasis products are on a cream basis. It shows how poor communication is between the psoriasis-related industry and its clients! Psoriasis topicals should be prepared on the basis of […]

How do I treat contact dermatitis?

dermatitis herpetiformis

How do I treat contact dermatitis? The treatment of contact dermatitis consists primarily of identifying the offending agent (the material causing the contact dermatitis) and avoid using it. Sometimes your doctor will prescribe a hydrocortisone-containing cream or slightly astringent wet dressing to help ease the itching. Mostly it is better to just stop using or applying the offending substance and let your body heal naturally. The best and safest way to control an occurring contact […]

The side effects of coal tar in topicals.

The side effects of coal tar in topicals

Coal Tar. Its use in topical medications, the benefits, the consequences.   And what does the FDA stipulate? On the consequences of using coal tar, see also: Treating psoriasis with coal tar is a very old and effective remedy. There are both over-the-counter coal tar medications and prescription coal tar medications. The difference is in the potency. Coal tar can be combined with other psoriasis medications (e.g., topical steroids) or with ultraviolet light. Coal […]

The side effects of steroids in skin care.

Long term side effects of steriods in topicals Skin Atrophy

The biggest problem with using topical steroids? When you quit, the condition gets worse. Adverse effects of topical corticosteroids: Like all kinds of medications, topical steroids have the potential to produce adverse reactions. Some steroid-induced side effects are listed below: 1)  Cutaneous changes     Skin blanching from acute vasoconstriction.     Hypo-pigmentation.     Rebound worsening of the pre-existing skin condition.     Miliaria.     Rosacea, perioral dermatitis, acne.     Skin atrophy with telangiectasia, stellate pseudoscars, purpura, and […]

What are psoriasis and eczema

eczema hands psorialess

This web site is about psoriasis, eczema and scaly skins in general. With this web site we want to offer you a platform of advice, recommendations and discussion on a variety of skindisorders and how best to control them. We will make recommendations regarding products that are good or not, about side effects and the long term use of certain medications, ingredients that you should look for and try to avoid. We try to search […]

The link between certain skindisorders, food and stress

The skin The skin reflects a person’s state of health in many ways, including the person’s nutritional status.  A deficiency of vitamin A, for example. leads to rough, dry, scaly skin. A lack of riboflavin causes scaly, greasy red skin, around the nose and mouth and in the ears and eyelids. A vitamin B12 deficiency causes the skin on the face, hands, and feet to turn brown or, if anemia occurs, pale yellow. Zinc deficiency […]