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The skin itch is driving me crazy! What can I do

Phototherapy Sunlight is the simplest form of phototherapy. Sunbathing with appropriate skin care recommended by a dermatologist improves many cases of mild to moderate psoriasis. Ultraviolet wavelengths are the effective part of sunlight. Ultraviolet light of specific B-spectrum wavelengths has been demonstrated effective in clearing psoriasis lesions after a series of treatments. Through this web site you can select home UVB phototherapy equipment that are affordable and the most effective light treatments available. The UVB […]

What is photo therapy or PUVA for severe psoriasis?

phototherapy uvb psoralen puva

What is photo therapy or PUVA for severe psoriasis? Severe cases of psoriasis often require photo therapy at a hospital or specialized clinic for about 2-3 weeks. (This type of treatment plan is called the Goeckerman therapy.) First, an application of coal tar ointment  sensitizes your skin. Your skin is then exposed to ultraviolet light. Coal-tar when exposed on your skin and ultraviolet light or sunlight will simply burn away the patches, layers of scaly […]