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Definition of psoriasis

Can psoriasis be cured? Psorialess.

Definition of psoriasis Psoriasis is a common skin disease that affects the life cycle of skin cells. Psoriasis causes cells to build up rapidly on the surface of the skin, forming thick silvery scales and itchy, dry, red patches that are sometimes painful. Psoriasis is a persistent, long-lasting (chronic) disease. You may have periods when your psoriasis symptoms improve or go into remission alternating with times your psoriasis worsens. For some people, psoriasis is just […]

Can psoriasis be cured?

Can psoriasis be cured? Psoriasis is a chronic remitting and relapsing scaly and inflammatory skin disorder. Sufferers of the most common form of psoriasis – plaque psoriasis – exhibit scaly lesions on the skin which can range from mild cases, in which less than ten percent of the skin is involved, to severe cases in which almost the entire skin, including the scalp, is affected. Psoriasis is a disorder or disease that attacks the skin, […]

Can psoriasis, eczema be cured?

Can psoriasis, eczema be cured

Can my psoriasis condition be cured? Psoriasis, eczema and certain types of dermatitis can not be cured. You must therefore accept the fact that treating your skin disease will be a long term process that requires commitment and discipline. You can control psoriasis best by using a daily treatment rather just treating psoriasis flare-ups. Since you must treat psoriasis continuously over a lifetime, you should use safe medications that do not cause side effects – […]

How long before I see results using OTC Over The Counter products?

How long before I see results using OTC Over The Counter products? It depends upon several factors including your overall condition, the types of food you eat, alcohol consumption, smoking, vitamins you take or not, your weight and how severe your psoriasis condition is. The period needed for a OTC Over The Counter product to show some effect, subject to the above considerations, can vary between a week, a month, or longer. When you have a […]

Does smoking influence psoriasis?

psoriasis and smoking andrews barber psoriasis psorialess

Does smoking influence psoriasis? Yes, it does and only negatively! Some forms of psoriasis are said to be triggered by smoking. There is form of psoriasis that is called Andrews-Barber whereby the pustules only show themselves at feet and or hands. This form occurs more often in women and is being associated with smoking. Many studies have examined the connection between smoking and psoriasis, and although it is clear that a positive and significant association […]

In your website you state on the one hand that I can drink alcohol on the other hand you state I should not.

In your website you state on the one hand that I can drink alcohol on the other hand you state I should not. I am confused… Excessive alcohol consumption is bad for anyone, period. Alcohol is particularly bad for psoriasis sufferers because it adds extra stress to such vital organs as the liver and kidneys and other related organs. You are doubling that stress if you use psoriasis medications with steroids, prednisone, hydrocortisone, vitamin D3, […]

I am using a cream with coal tar for some psoriasis patches on my face. It irritates me tremendously and when I am in the sun I burn quickly. What should I do?

I am using a cream with coal tar for some psoriasis patches on my face. It irritates me tremendously and when I am in the sun I burn quickly. What should I do? Using coal tar on your face is very dangerous! Stop using this coal tar based topical on your face, immediately! Never use this sort of product in sensitive areas such as your face, groin, arm-leg pits, breasts etc. Never sit in the […]

Why does my mild steroid based cream make my skin feel tight?

Why does my mild steroid based cream make my skin feel tight? Yes, I can believe that. The product is probably made by people who don’t know anything about psoriasis. Creams just do not work well for a psoriasis patient. It is surprising though that most anti-psoriasis products are on a cream basis. It shows how poor communication is between the psoriasis-related industry and its clients! Psoriasis topicals should be prepared on the basis of […]

How long must I use my anti-psoriasis treatment?

How long must I use my anti-psoriasis treatment? Most likely indefinitely. Psoriasis cannot be cured, it can only be controlled. You should therefore consider these options: –  do nothing about it and continue as you are in your present condition. –  ask your dermatologist to prescribe medications and/or treatments which keep the psoriasis in remission as long as possible. –  consider changing your lifestyle to eliminate excess protein, smoking, alcohol, etc. Add vitamin/herbal supplements, sun […]

What is calcipotriene?

What is calcipotriene? Calcipotriene is medicated ointment containing a derivative of vitamin D (vitamin D3). You apply a thin layer of this prescription ointment twice daily to the psoriatic patches of the skin (but absolutely not on your face, eyes, groin and other sensitive areas of your body). Its side effects, while fewer than those of corticosteroids commonly used to treat psoriasis, include burning, itching or other skin irritations. Vitamin D3 preparations are toxic and […]

My topical therapy with steroids is not working. Why?

My topical therapy with steroids is not working. Why? When an inflammatory skin condition fails to respond to topical steroid therapy, the following factors need to be considered: -Co-existing infection (bacterial, fungal, viral, scabies etc.) -Wrong diagnosis (e.g. drug eruption, Pagets disease, mycosis fungoides mistaken as eczema) -Insufficient potency of steroid for the site or skin condition. -Inappropriate vehicle or base (e.g. cream is not as effective as ointment for dry lichenifed skin. Adding salicylic […]

What does coal tar do?

the consequences of coal tar in topicals in the-treatment of psoriasis

What does coal tar do? Coal tar is added as an “active” ingredient in ointments, shampoos, lotions etc. to treat psoriasis, dandruff etc. Coal tar in fact does nothing positive other than “burning” away the scales present on the psoriatic skin. Coal tar does not slow down the epidermal process which causes the rapid formation of dead skin cells. It only removes the resulting excessive scaly skin layers. Coal tar can be dangerous when used […]

The side effects of coal tar in topicals.

The side effects of coal tar in topicals

Coal Tar. Its use in topical medications, the benefits, the consequences.   And what does the FDA stipulate? On the consequences of using coal tar, see also: Treating psoriasis with coal tar is a very old and effective remedy. There are both over-the-counter coal tar medications and prescription coal tar medications. The difference is in the potency. Coal tar can be combined with other psoriasis medications (e.g., topical steroids) or with ultraviolet light. Coal […]

The side effects of steroids in skin care.

Long term side effects of steriods in topicals Skin Atrophy

The biggest problem with using topical steroids? When you quit, the condition gets worse. Adverse effects of topical corticosteroids: Like all kinds of medications, topical steroids have the potential to produce adverse reactions. Some steroid-induced side effects are listed below: 1)  Cutaneous changes     Skin blanching from acute vasoconstriction.     Hypo-pigmentation.     Rebound worsening of the pre-existing skin condition.     Miliaria.     Rosacea, perioral dermatitis, acne.     Skin atrophy with telangiectasia, stellate pseudoscars, purpura, and […]

What are psoriasis and eczema

eczema hands psorialess

This web site is about psoriasis, eczema and scaly skins in general. With this web site we want to offer you a platform of advice, recommendations and discussion on a variety of skindisorders and how best to control them. We will make recommendations regarding products that are good or not, about side effects and the long term use of certain medications, ingredients that you should look for and try to avoid. We try to search […]

The link between certain skindisorders, food and stress

The skin The skin reflects a person’s state of health in many ways, including the person’s nutritional status.  A deficiency of vitamin A, for example. leads to rough, dry, scaly skin. A lack of riboflavin causes scaly, greasy red skin, around the nose and mouth and in the ears and eyelids. A vitamin B12 deficiency causes the skin on the face, hands, and feet to turn brown or, if anemia occurs, pale yellow. Zinc deficiency […]