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In general, how should psoriasis be treated?

In general, how should psoriasis be treated?

If you have psoriasis, you can best help yourself by maintaining overall level of good health. If you maintain a normal weight, psoriasis will be less aggravating if it occurs in creases or folds of your skin.

If you have patches of psoriasis on your scalp, they will usually be more resistant to therapy and may require a phenol and sodium chloride (salt) lotion or a even stronger tar preparation in addition to a daily tar shampoo.

You may be able to clear some patches by exposing the psoriatic areas to sunlight or saltwater (seawater) baths or combinations of these. Avoid scratching, rubbing, or picking at the patches of psoriasis. These habits cause thickening of the psoriasis skin. See also this website for tips to improve upon your condition.

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