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Vitamins & Supplements in Psoriasis, Eczema, Psoriatic Dry Skin

The skin
The skin reflects a person’s state of health in many ways, including the person’s nutritional status.  A deficiency of vitamin A, for example. leads to rough, dry, scaly skin. A lack of riboflavin causes scaly, greasy red skin, around the nose and mouth and in the ears and eyelids. A vitamin B12 deficiency causes the skin on the face, hands, and feet to turn brown or, if anemia occurs, pale yellow. Zinc deficiency causes peeling skin lesions. While most of these deficiencies are uncommon in developed countries some may develop in strict vegetarians or people on fad diets, as well as in those with digestive and mal-absorption disorders.

Dry Skin
In its most common form, dry scaly skin, or xeroderma, does not reflect any underlying illness; instead, the skin loses some of the moisture that confers a smooth, pliable feel and appearance. Aging causes some drying of the skin, which may worsen in cold weather; other contributing factors include frequent bathing and exposure to the sun, wind, chemicals, or other environmental factors that leach natural oils from the skin.  Read entire article >>>

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