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What does coal tar do?

What does coal tar do?

Coal tar is added as an “active” ingredient in ointments, shampoos, lotions etc. to treat psoriasis, dandruff etc. Coal tar in fact does nothing positive other than “burning” away the scales present on the psoriatic skin. Coal tar does not slow down the epidermal process which causes the rapid formation of dead skin cells. It only removes the resulting excessive scaly skin layers. Coal tar can be dangerous when used in combination with excessive sunbathing and or when applied on a long term basis or when used excessively in combination with ultraviolet light treatments. Coal tar can cause dangerous side effects. Coal tar contains poly-aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) as impurities, a/o naphthalene that is suspected to cause cancer). Since many individuals are sensitive to coal tar, it  can add to the inflamed condition and irritation of the skin. If you are using a product with coal tar, protect the treated areas from sunlight. If not, you may experience skin burn. See also >>>

In the future, look for products which contain active ingredients that actually slow down the epidermal process. Ask us

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